Spring Uniform

Once upon a time I owned about 300 various striped items. It was kinda my thing. "When in doubt, buy a striped shirt"seemed to be my unwritten motto. Once people starting pointing it out to me, I definitely tried to curb my obsession a bit, and when I moved I left a fair few of them behind.

So it's only natural that in the last month or so, I'm really jones-ing for a good, broken in stripey tee to live in this spring. Of course, my trusty new favorite shop, Warehouse, had just what I was looking for.

I was in the mood to jazz it up a bit, so I picked up this adorable little collar necklace that I thought would make this particular tee look a bit less nautical and a bit more girly.

Oh, and yes, I caved and picked up a new pair of black flats. This style is new for me and I resisted it for a long time but I thought they were cute enough so I snapped them up.

The last thing that's definitely going to be a part of my spring uniform is the amazing Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream. It's not that warm out yet so it's still so important to protect your hands from the cold and dry weather. This cream has been teasing me from the Bobbi counter for months, and I gave in today. This is going to be an instant favorite for me, I an already tell.

Do you have a uniform for different seasons? Particular pieces that you feel like you wear over and over all year long?

Tee Warehouse
Loafers Office Girl
Hand Cream Bobbi Brown

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Gigi said...

This is you in one picture!!