Palette Love

I bought this palette a while ago but have just started using it. The simplicity of it drew me in, and it was during the time when the really shiny woman (see photo below) was prominently plastered all over every Bobbi counter in sight, so I found it a refreshing and true-to-brand alternative. 
(soooo not a Bobbi girl)

It only occurred to me recently that I already own both of the lip colors, but they are two of my all-time favorites so I'm not sad about that..

I love the compact size and versatility of this - it's perfect for throwing in your bag when you're on the go and can pretty much complete your look in a few simple steps. 

While I'm not crazy about the white highlighter color, which I personally don't use because my brow bone is light enough as it is (even with a tan..), I love the Cement shadow as an everyday wash and have also had very good luck adding a bit of water to Eclipse to double as my eyeliner. It stays on forever that way! 

 Here's the rundown of the shades:

I think my favorite part, which I wasn't expecting, is the Pink Popsicle gloss. I don't normally love lip glosses because I feel like they draw attention to dry patches and peely skin, this is the perfect subtle shade and is really very pretty, to put it simply. 

All in all I think this will become a regular fixture in my makeup bag. 

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Vuster said...

The pink lip gloss goes with your "how to wear pink" post!