New Year Mission : Smoothies

 Along with fitting more exercise into my life these days, I've really been enjoying the benefits of daily smoothies. My favorite part is that you can really improvise and they still always turn out delicious! The deliciousness packed into these smoothies is not just a sneaky way of getting my 5 colors a day.. it's also seriously benefiting my skin and overall energy. 

Here's my favorite...

150 ml of almond milk - I use Alpro 

 A handful of goji berries for the antioxidants and anti-aging benefits

The entirety (minus the pit) of a large peach for the Vitamin C & Iron

One small banana for the potassium and some more iron--and to stay full!

A handful of blueberries for all the antioxidants and delicious taste

A cup of curly kale for the fiber, vitamin K and calcium

Pomegranate seeds for... everthing..seriously is there a more perfect food?


Three large spoonfuls of yogurt to thicken up...

Et voila! Once you get past the color you will realize how amazing this smoothie is! 
Sub pineapple for the peaches for extra tartness... 

This is enough for 2 servings, so drink half and throw the other half in a container to put in the fridge for later consumption.

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